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The revenue of the Bahamas Government relies mainly on the collection of Customs Duties on imported goods. In order to comply with the Customs Rules and Regulations, one must consider various factors. As a result the Bahamas has a need for skilled, knowledgeable and proficient customs brokers. It is critical to have a competent Customers Broker to maximize the system for an accurate assessment and payment of Bahamas Government duties and taxes.

Dolphin Express Custom Brokerage prepares and submits any and all documentation needed for Bahamas Customs clearance. From personal, business, bonded, trans-shipment and temporary import entries no matter the request Dolphin Express will deliver. Dolphin Express Custom Brokerage is well equipped and staffed to facilitate you, no matter how big or small. Dolphin Express Custom Brokerage has the answer to your brokerage needs and will be happy to assist you in the best cost efficient way.

Our Customs Brokerage procedures are as follows:

  • If applicable we will receive and acknowledge to the sender (or any other requested by the client) pre-alerts received for incoming shipments.
  • Review documents, and confirm the accuracy and suitability of the documents and / or if there are any problems with the documentation, details of the problem and the best and most expeditious solution to solve the same.
  • Verify documentation is correct and prepare import documents for pre-clearance of shipments.
  • Ensure any and all amending paperwork is prepared and filed in the event that documentation is incorrect or incomplete.
  • If necessary, assist with arranging appointments with Bahamas Customs to inspect shipments for timely release.
  • Assist clients in ensuring that documentation for exported goods is accurate and acceptable to recipient, Bahamas Customs and receiving state’s customs.
  • Being available to assist with any emergency shipment, and lending best efforts to solicit assistance from Bahamas Customs for their release.

Following approval of your goods, Dolphin Express Courier is able to assist with delivery upon your request.